His first Lemonade Stand

He came to me first thing this morning, before I had even gotten out of bed.

“Where is all that extra poster board?  I want to have a Lemonade Stand today.”


I really didn’t think to deny him.  We had plenty of lemonade mix, ice and cups.  So what if it is chilly and we live at the end of a cul d sac.  I love his eagerness and if no one buys any, I think  have a huge thirst for lemonade today.  I believe I can find a bunch of dimes around here somewhere.

Little did I know that he wasn’t going to be a passive salesman.  He posted a sign at the end of our street and sent his cousin and brothers to shout around that there was cheap lemonade for sale.  They knocked on a few doors and made home deliveries to a few others.

His uncle came by and left a generous tip and even his brothers bought a couple cups full too.  He kept his little stand open for 2 1/2 hours and made almost $6.  He paid his cousin half for all the advertisement he did and put his money in his piggy bank.  Good day today.


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