Trick or Treat

At our house on Halloween, I give out only the candy that I would have wanted to see in my bag when I was young.  So, only the good stuff here and plenty of it!

Costumes were almost last minute around here but the boys were happy with what we put together.

They did have to wait paitiently for Lucas to get home to walk with us.  That was a tough wait.

I wasn’t surprised when Big Man here wanted to be a football player… for the 3rd year in a row.

I won’t give away her business but Princess wasn’t originally going to give out candy…  as hard as it is sometimes…  I have to stick to my punishments so she was relegated to this job for the night.  She took it like the big girl she is and had fun seeing all the costumes come by.

I think I will give this a go for next year.  Has to be a Pinterest thing..  Too cute and super easy.

Loved the different jack ‘o lanterns around.  I still have my pumpkin yet to be carved.  I don’t like to hack into mine too early so it won’t go bad but then I put it off so long it is too late.

We have a great kid friendly neighborhood and there were tons of kids out this year.  Good treats and great costumes.


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