the color of fall

Today’s fun came courtesy of my lovely neighbors, Scott and Ginger.  My yard sadly lacks trees while their yard has the most gorgeous shade trees.

I was drawn to the colors today that seemed to just suddenly appear when a few days ago they were still green.

Knowing my neighbors as I do, I knew they wouldn’t mind us enjoying their yard for a bit today.

Every fall color appears and I found myself suddenly jealous of the natural decor the leaves gave her yard.  Beautiful!

We even went so far as to knock and ask if we could use a rake to make a pile to jump in.  How could they deny a family that lacks a yard full of leaves!

The kids frolicked in the leaves like it was snow which is another event that happens so rarely around here.

And in they jumped, then raked it back up for the next to take a jump.

Little man was confused by how to jump and went in like it was a pool of water and got hurt.  This lasted about 2 minutes and then it was announced that it was his turn again.  Tough dude.

Ah… the colors of fall

Good times.


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