Morning Routine:

5:30 am – Husband up

6:15 am – Kids up

6:40 am – I’m up!  I’m up!   =)

Fix boys’ bedheads, give kisses and hugs to all 5 as they all pile in Daddy’s truck and off to school.

6:50 am – back in bed

8:00 am – officially up to greet my neice who stays with me each day

Then off and running around doing all those things that never end in this crazy home that I love.

This morning didn’t follow my normal routine.  For some reason I decided to play “Beat the Clock” and scrambled around doing as many chores as I could in one hour.  That started out well and I did get my laundry folded that I had put off from yesterday but then I walked by the front door.  There was a soft array of color that was tinting my windows.  I grabbed my camera and took a seat on my front stoop and clicked away.

This one was taken with my new lens that I am still trying to figure out.  I am waiting patiently for the local technical college to have their digital photography class so they can show me all the wonderful things my camera and lenses can do but until then, I just shoot and experiement, then edit and enjoy.


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