a camera’s view of last week

Finally got a chance to pause my coaching and grab my camera.. glad I remembered cause only one game left for my little men.

Love the smiles.

Ummm.. yeah not sure…

My boys are all into ninja stuff so this is Middle Man’s favorite pose.

I decided to take Little Man aside and have a little fun with him and my camera.

Son:  What are all these dots on my face for?

Me:  They are to make you absolutely cute for your mommy.

Son:  Are they a good thing or a bad thing?

Me:  Definately good, dude!

Always ready for a battle.

Patiently waiting for that tooth to come in….  there is no sign of it in sight…..

I laid down on the grass and called Cody to me and started shooting knowing that I would get an action shot I wanted.

Now this is the perfect contrast between Cody and Twix.  Twix is not a moving kind of dog.  He is the big bump in the yard all day but he did come over sniffing wondering what I was doing.

After a few dozen shots, I got it!


2 thoughts on “a camera’s view of last week

  1. you too have three boys and a girl – but in a different order. Will be interested to read more of your blog. Some great photos on here – loving the close up of his eyes and freckles!!

    • I know, there aren’t many around crazy enough to have more han 2 or 3 so finding someone else who lives my crazy life is so much fun! I am one of your new followers and look forward to seeing your family’s adventures!

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