Thursday Night Football

Luke coaches 9th grade football so Thursday nights are our football night to go and cheer the coach on.  Unless you have a coach in your family you have no idea how important it is for the coach to have fans!  There is no loyalty when it comes to football cause you are the hero when you are winning and you are thrown to the curb when you lose so we make sure we are there to support the coach no matter what!

I had a friend make us up some t-shirts to show where our support lies!  It comes in handy when the parents start ranting and raving at my husband, the coach.  Their talk stays a little cleaner when they see that the coach’s family is in attendance and listening to every critical word said.

Let’s play some football!

I’ve gotta cheer loud for the ballboy.

Goofing around with friends.

Half time is the kid’s favorite cause dinner consists of football food.  Yummy!

It’s not been a great season this year but Luke stays positive cause his players really do work hard for him.


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