He can’t be 6..there must be some mistake…

He was our surprise.

A complete shocker.  Our 3rd child was only 7 months old.

I was in denial for a few months I had to be going through early menopause at the age of 32; not pregnant!

Lots of doubts.  How could I handle another child?  My life was already a bit overwhelming.

Then a peace settled over me and I knew that the fact that I had not planned for him, God had.

No more doubts, only excitement.  Would he be like one of his other brothers?  Or could there be a totally different personality developing at that moment.

Labor was superfast since he was my fourth and my world has never been the same.

Our oldest son is the athletic, super serious one.  The middle son is the affectionate, thoughtful one.  This one.. well he is definatly in a league of his own.

He loves to laugh.  But what he loves even more is to make others laugh.  He can’t help but wear a smile 24/7.

He’s got energy to spare and brings life to a room that he walks runs in to.

He really has no idea he is the youngest in this house.  He has always done his best to keep up with his brothers and do all that they do.

He started kindergarten this year and I miss him being here with me through the day.

He has grown into a whirlwind filled with a ball of fire.  He is energy personified.

He keeps me laughing.

He keeps me young.

He turns 6 today but he will always be my baby.


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