Another Manic Monday

As with every Monday, I am off and running getting a start on my list of things that need to get done before the week ends.  I always start so strong and finish so sadly.  But there will always be another Monday to begin again.  So raise your coffee mugs to another Monday and things getting checked off that list.

Take a look at a little of what went on around here last week.

Pizza at the park with my sister-in-law and niece.  Yummy!

My obsession with PineSol and a clean kitchen.  It is what keeps me happy.

My outside herbs are still living, not thriving but living.  How much longer do I have until you are gone?

Okay so I admit it…  I am a kid who loves any kind of mac n cheese.. even the kind that comes frozen in a black plastic bowl.  Look at that gooey cheese!  It was every bit as tasty as it looks and I enjoyed every bite.

Menu for the month.

1/2 price drinks at Sonic from 2-4…  there just happens to be one right beside the boy’s school.  Extremely convenient!

Studying with my oldest son.. has a social studies test coming up and he wanted me to explain how Indians used buffalo brains to tan the buffalo hide.  Ummm…  I have no idea but let’s find a video and see the cool brain goo that they make!  I love the internet!

Coloring books and crayons will never go out of style.  I don’t care how  many video games they invent, there is just something about coloring…

Writing out his spelling words on flashcards.  We are slowly figuring out how he can retain all this information.  He is working so hard and struggling through it but he’ll get it.  I’m his biggest cheerleader.

Ummm.. again, not sure about her…  she has these two personalities that are so polar opposites.  On one side she is this studious, serious girl.  She makes straight A’s without any help from us or any prodding to get it done.  She is self motivated and just does it all on her own.  (Neither Lucas nor I have had anything better than a B-C average with an occassional A thrown in there for PE or Art.)  Lucas and I take great pains in messing with her when she is being serious because we are so not serious.  We tickle, do dances, shake our booties and chase her around just to get a smile and giggle out of her.  She usually just walks away shaking her head at us and Luke and I go off and laugh ourselves crazy because of course we thougth we were funny.

Then on every blue moon, this other side of Princess comes to the surface.  She is totally goofy.  Luke and I couldn’t be more proud of her during these times!

All the family was over to our house for Sunday lunch and my niece sat beside me and well, I just love her freckes.  She doesn’t really love when I take my camera out but I just had to get a picture of those freckles.  Thanks Ashy!


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