1st 5K in 20 years

About 5 weeks ago I signed up for a 5K run.  Not sure what came over me.  I have been walking and running for the last 6 months but hadn’t planned on doing anything about it just exercising with a friend.  Anyway, Lucas had football meetings, our oldest son went with him, our daughter was at a sleep over so I took our two youngest boys with me Saturday morning to be my cheer team.

We got to the park about an hour early so I could walk the course and take pictures cause it was this misty, overcast morning and just felt so like fall.

This park is where my kids play soccer.  It is a beautiful 300+ acre stretch of land that butts up to the local lake.  I knew the course would be meandering through the woods and over the fields.

I was glad to have the boys with me.  They were so encouraging and told me I would win for sure.  (My only goal was to finish. I didn’t have high expectations.)

Little Man was showing me what my game face needed to be.

And their off.

Like I said this place is huge and so beautiful.

Middle Man’s big find in the woods.

Deer rubs?  Not sure but it looks really cool to me.  (oh.. btw..  going hunting with Lucas real soon.  My first time.. He is thrilled.)

So the race began and I finished.  Yay!  I think my time was around 37 minutes.  I did enjoy it and I will be signing up for another one.


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