A little bit here.. a little bit there

My camera has gone everywhere with me this week.  Take a look.

Let us begin with the worst first because nothing has changed…. I despise folding laundry so I let it pile up and then do it all at once…like that will make it more likeable.

Ahhh… well until tomorrow when this battle wages in me again.  I just need to learn to love my laundry and embrace it because without it, we are naked.

I love rainstorms.. on this day, I kept the front door opened and just drank in the sight and sounds.

Notice the empty spot on Tuesday…  now let’s just sigh.. Ahhhh… a day with nothing pulling me away from my home.

I have gone all summer without ants parading through my home until last week and they will not go away no matter what home remedy I find on Pinterest.

The road I take to pick up my kids from school takes me by a few places that I have wanted to photograph.  This one…

and this one.  I will have to pull down a few roads to get the others so that is on my to-do list this week. Just have to remember to leave a little bit earlier.

Sunset out at the soccer fields.

Girls’ Night Out.. and this is the memory that I had to capture…  I can not look at this picture without having to control an anxiety attack.  I can wrangle snakes but I do not do well with spiders and roaches.  This spider was a good 3-4 inches.  Look at those hairy legs and tell me you do not have the heebie-jeebies right now with me!!!


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