Just another Manic Monday

99% of the time I am a planner.  I am not one who likes to jump into something without knowing in advance that it is on my schedule.  And then there is that 1%.  Where this personality emerges from within and I am being caught up in some kind of manic project.  That happens to me every few months and that is what happened to me last night.  I can easily go months if not years living with something around me that I really would like to change but either don’t have the time, the money or the energy to tackle it so it just keeps getting ignored…UNTIL…

BAM!  It just happens.

For the past 5 years I have lived with my kitchen cabinets and either ignored them or tried to do little fixes on them because I had believed that I would need around $8,000 to reface them or worse $20,000 for all new cabinets.  Well that kind of money will shove one of my projects to the far end of the list in a matter of seconds.  There is no way I can spend that kind of money on something that I just don’t like.

There are three problems with my kitchen cabinets.

#1 – They are white..  I know of many people who love white cabinets and compliment mine but I am not one of those who love white cabinets.

#2 – Horrible knobs and hinges… brass colored and ugly.

Now I could have lived a little longer if only #1 & #2 were my problems but oh no… it gets worse.

#3 – The faces of my cabinets are covered in some kind of plastic finish.  I assume the selling point was that you would never have to repaint again but they failed to mention that they would begin to peel off after 10 years.

I was cleaning up the kitchen last night before heading up to our bedroom and I looked at my cabinets and decided to do something about them.  Now, I have no idea what to do, no research has gone into this idea, no prep work and definatly no consulting my husband.  BTW, he knows that when these urges overcome me he just needs to step back and be as inconspicuous as possible but balance that out by being incredibly encouraging.  I’m a freak!

So I grab some decade old paint and experiment to see if I can somehow tint these pearly white cabinets.  Didn’t work in the least so I cleaned that off grabbed a screwdriver and took one of the cabinet doors off.  I laid it down and took off the hinges and knob and then began a new experiment… peeling the “plastic” finish that was attached to the cabinet face.  So began my bright idea and now I have a week’s worth of painting and rejuvinating my kitchen cabinets because on a whim, I decided enough was enough.  I am a freak!

So I will keep you posted on this little adventure I have backed myself into because it is now too late to call it quits.  I will be seeing this through to the bitter end but as long as the end means no more platic covered cabinets.. then it will all be worth it!


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