Movie Night

Thanks to my wonderful nextdoor neighbor, Ginger, my kids had a whole schlew (sp?) of movies to pick from tonight.  Tomorrow is our neighborhood wide yard sale (and no I will not be participating this time… click here for that story).  So I am out in the front yard talking it up with my brother-in-law when Ginger comes over with an armload of movies that her teenage son has grown out of.  Yay for thoughful neighbors!

Did not take 5 minutes to get my kids inside and bathed and they are plopping down on the couch and trying to decide which one to watch first… like we are going to have a new movie marathon or something.  I think they settled on Speed Racer and put Sponge Bob off to the side to watch tomorrow.  So thank you, Ginger!  You are the perfect neighbor!  Don’t move. Stay forever.

Alternate entertainment.  check.

Comfy place.  check.

Comfy clothes.  check.

3 bags of popcorn in one humongous bowl.  check.



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