Friday’s Ramblings

1.  My anniversary was this past Wednesday.  I’m not much of a celebrating kind of girl.  I’m pretty laid back, no fuss, no need to shower me with gifts that cost so much it has to be charged.  No, I like the kind of gifts that will be gone in a few minutes time.  My husband knows I love Heath Bar and so gets me a mongo sized Heath Bar milkshake from a local owned icecream shop, PW’s.  That is my kind of gift!!!

2.  The one thing I always look forward to is dinner out.  NO.  KIDS.  We so very rarely eat out (too costly, too noisy, not fun) that when we do get a chance, it is something I actually get giddy over.  We are going out for dinner Sunday night thanks to his dad and Isabelle (his lady friend) who are going to keep our rowdy kids while we eat out among adults.

3.  Lucas has a hard time on our anniversaries and my birthdays because he loves to buy gifts.  My problem is the gifts that I would like to have would put us into serious debt that we are not willing to get into.  i.e.  inground pool, new vehicle, new camper.. you get the idea.  I shoot for the big things cause the small things get lost around this house.  =)

4.  Lucas couldn’t come home empty handed though… btw, the milkshake filled both my hands and then my belly in a matter of minutes…  So. I was saying. He felt like he couldn’t come home empty handed so he stopped by some store on the way home and grabbed some flowers cause he gets really itchy to buy me things on special occassions.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love flowers, take pictures of them all the time.  And I love the thought that he wanted to buy me something to let me know that he knew it was our special day.  I just don’t get giddy over those kinds of things.  He then produces the milkshake and I was gushing!  Literally drooling cause well, it WAS  a milkshake and I love food!

5.  Oh all that reminds me that I still have a gift certificate for a one hour massage that my wonderful husband gave me for my birthday in June.  You might wonder why I haven’t used it yet.. well it is quite simple.  Once I use it, it will be gone and I won’t have the excitement I have right now knowing I have a one hour massage just waiting on me to claim.  I will use it.  As soon as I have an hour to spare around here.


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