digital editing fun

I took my niece outside yesterday and took a series of pictures as we were having this very interesting conversation about her baby doll, Tiana.  I was just messing around knowing that I wanted to use those pictures to play around with some digital editing.  Playing around is the key here because I have no idea what it all does but just kept clicking and sliding and undoing until I got something that I really liked.

SOOC shot… if you look real closely you can see my reflection in her eyeball.  Weird!  =)  She really doesn’t take bad pictures.  She has great expressions and can be the most serious little 3 year old.. but I still wanted to mess with the picture and see what I could do to it and how far I could take it.

1.  I tilted it and retouched her face (scab by her eye and dark circles under her eye and junk on the picture).   2.  I sharpened the picture and gave it a little boost.   3.  I clicked on warmfly and then adjusted that which brought out all the soft warm colors.   4.  I did a cross process and then faded it a bit.   5.  and finally I tinted the picture with a light brown and then faded that out.

I could have turned her orange and she still would be precious but I had fun experimenting.


Before                                                                                                   After


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