So Fajitas was not what I had on the menu for tonight.  I actually had planned on Grilled Chicken with Lemon butter fettuchini and cowboy black eyed peas.

Luke let me know last night that he didn’t have a football game to coach tonight but one that he was going to scout and he would be here for one hour around dinner time before he had to skeedaddle on his way.

There is a whole list of items that I keep stocked up on and a list of dishes that I can throw together with simple ingredients for just such a time.  Fajitas is one of those dishes that is so easy to prepare and in one dish, you have all you need for a great dinner.


3 Chicken Breasts

3-4 medium bell peppers (I had one red and 3 green)

2 medium onions

olive oil

garlic powder

chili powder


onion powder


18-20 small flour tortillas

sour cream


Slice up your chicken breasts

Slice up your bell peppers and onions.

To a large,hot skillet, add a few tablespoons of olive oil and then your chicken.   I allow the chicken to cook for about 5 minutes before adding anything else.

Toss in the vegetables.

I am not one to measure spices so add about 1-2 teaspoons of each.  I just shake each one around the skillet a few times.

See just eyeball it and if you like a little more kick, add a little more chili powder.  If you like a little more southwestern flavor, add a little more cumin.

Toss that around until the chicken is completely cooked and the onions begin to turn a clear color.

Simply scoop a small amount of the chicken and vegetable mixture into the tortillas.  I like to squeeze lemon juice over mine and serve them with sour cream and salsa.  If I wasn’t in a time crunch I would have made some homemade salsa but tonight the jarred variety was perfect.




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