experimenting…subject: my niece

I am working really hard to save up enough money to buy a good DSLR camera.  Right now my point and shoot is an older Kodak camera that was exactly what I needed 6 years ago when my 4 children were all under the age of 5 but now, I want to capture pictures instead of just taking them.  Now, since all my extra money is going toward my new camera, I can’t spend a penny yet on a digital editing program like Adobe Photoshop so I am using Picasa 3 and Picnik cause well, they are free.  And.. well Free is what I can afford right now.

So I say all that because the pictures that are coming out of my point and shoot are helping me experiement with digital editing.

SOOC (straight out of camera)  I am no photographer so my only requirement is that what I want focused in my picture is in focus.

I have no idea what all I did but there it is…lots of fun creating…  wanted to focus on her face so I blurred the rest.. wanted a dreamy apperance so I tinted the picture and then covered a couple of scars she is sporting on her forehead.  I am sure I sharpened a bit too cause I do that with all my pictures.


Before                                                                                                After


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