a glimpse of this past week

Soccer practice and games.

My husband is a football coach and therefore during football season I am a “coach’s widow”.  So, to help my husband’s Sunday To-Do list not be so long, I have been cutting the grass for him.  Now understand that the yard is his baby.  He and I laid the sod and he spent hours watering and fertilizing it and babying it to a beautiful landscape and does not like it to be just “cut”.  It has to be manicured and so I have done my best to live up to his expectations yet not spend hours upon hours out there cause it is not my baby.  He hasn’t complained.  =)

These are the last days of summer heat.  Fall is coming quickly and all I can say is, Thank you Lord!

Coffee = Breakfast

Grits Experiment.  Turned out pretty good.

I have been cutting back.   But every now and then, I can not hold back.  I love Coke!

It was just too pretty not to capture.

Okay, I know…. enough of the peach already!  It was just too much fun!

Football game Thursday night.  The two layers of clouds were amazing.

Game could not hold my attention when something like this was hanging in the sky.


My Ballboy

Touchdown… Win.. with only seconds remaining… good game

Not a bad nights work.

my pinterest hair

My Princess’s pinterest hair.


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