14 years with the one i love

There once was a baby girl.

Not too far away, there lived a baby boy.

She was the middle child in a family of 5 and spent her younger years just trying to figure out her place.

He was the oldest in his family of 4 and had no problem knowing his place in this world.

Her Air Force life consisted of new and exciting moves across the country every year or so.  At a young age, she had lived in almost a dozen different homes.

His life was a bit more settled and he spent all his growing up years within a few miles of his extended family.

She continued to grow into her Princess patent leathers.

And he into his Princely loafers.

With the help of a loving family she thrived and began to dream.

There wasn’t anything his family wouldn’t give him and nothing they wouldn’t do to help him realize his potential.

She grew into a young woman knowing her Prince was out there somewhere.

A Princess was not the first thing on his mind…. baseball, hunting and fishing took up all his spare time but it wouldn’t take too many more years before those things weren’t the only things he wanted.

It all happened by chance (not really but it felt that way).  Two separates lives came together as friends.

Those friends became more.

He proposed.  She said yes and a date was set.

4 children later….. That girl and that boy wouldn’t change a single thing.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my husband!  May God bless us with 50 more.  Life just keeps getting better with you on this ride with me!


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