Lists, Procrastination, 4…I really have 4?

I like lists.  I admit it, and not just any kind, it has to be on clean non-crumply paper with nice handwriting.  I like to make the lists and mark them off as they get done.  NOW, there is the problem.  My lists just get pushed to the next list, then the next list until I am so tired of writing down those few things that I need to get done but just don’t want to do that I either just mark it off and pretend it got done or sulk around finally doing it.

I believe my list love is just the writing part, I do love to write.

Soooooo….  I say that to say that I have had “change out pics” on my list now for at least a month.  Meaning, I needed to take out the old pictures of my kids and put in the new ones that we got taken LAST OCTOBER!  Okay so my biggest problem is procrastination on things that are not vital to the running of my home and kitchen.  I got out the new portraits and climbed up on my chair to take down the old framed portraits and finally switched them out.  Good…Done.  We have an appointment for our new portraits in a few months.. ugh, then it starts all over again!  When will it end?!

Pulled down the old and compared it to the new, well newer since the new were taken back in October.  I am pitiful and should not be responsible for running a home with children but they are mine and they let me take them home without a background check which disturbed me deeply.  Not that I had a background but they really let anyone take their babies home from the hospital.  It is scary!

So here they are…  my little brood is growing up.

My Princess is 11 now….Oh. My.  Goodness.  Someone please help me!  She is the little mother in the house and anything that I miss, she gets.  Trying to reign that in because her three brothers do not necessarily want 2 moms to tell them what to do.  But I do see the potential in her to be a really great mommy one day of her own.  I know she thinks her daddy and I are nuts and a little strange but I overheard a friend of hers tell her that she has a really cool mom.  I pretended not to hear and did a little happy dance when they left.  Cause a pre-teen called me COOL!

He is beginning to be my serious one.  Loves any kind of sports and gives 110% in everything he does.  He is a yes ma’am, no ma’am little southern gentleman and wrapped around all that little man is such a tender heart.  He loves his daddy and can always be found with him in the yard, on the football field, or out on the boat fishing.  He is happiest when he is hanging with Daddy.  I do get a few leftovers of that cause he loves my hugs and runs to me when he is hurt or upset.  He is a real hugger.  Not the kind that leans in and just endures it but he faces you full on and wraps his arms around you and squeezes for a good 30 seconds or more.  I have learned to hug him until he releases cause he sometimes just needs that love.

Beware of the quiet ones, they spend their days contemplating devious things.  No, mostly he just smiles and gives me hugs and kisses cause he is the middle one who is just happy to be alive and among people who adore him.  He needs very little.  Being the middle man he is pulled in all directions cause he is the easiest one to get along with.  Every other child in this house will pick him first to play with.  It is probably becasue he doesn’t get his feathers all ruffled over the slightest thing.  He loves to share and is happy to play whatever you want to play.  He is a please and thank you little guy and has been serving up compliments since he could first talk.  He is the charmer around here and is now 7.  Got his eyes from his daddy, love them on him too!

The baby is now 5.. well 6 in a few weeks and just started kindergarten.  What can you say about the baby in a family but hold on tight cause it is a bumpy ride.  He holds nothing back and you just have to love a boy who is completely honest about everything and who can make no other facial expressions besides the variations of his smile.  He enjoys life and everything that happens each day.  You would think he, being the baby in a familly of 6 would be looking for any leftovers he can get his hands on but that is not the case.  His personality makes him stand shoulders above the rest.  He just wants everyone to laugh and have fun when he is around.  He makes me giggle and smile more and more these days.  He is coming into his own and I love the little man he is turning into.


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