Lazy Labor Day

There isn’t anything I love better than being able to sit back and be lazy.  To look at my calender and know that there are squares empty of things to do.  Okay, food would rank up there with a lazy day but that goes without having to say, right?!

So after sleeping in until 9am on Monday, I got myself out of bed, made sure the kids had eaten breakfast then I put on my bathing suit and went out to lay out one last time this summer.  I honestly admit that I lay out in the sun.  I do wear sunscreen (SPF 50 in fact) and can still tan without the burn.

But anyway, there are a few reasons I love to lay out.  1.  I think I look better with color than without.   2.  I am alone and can read without being disturbed.   3.  (relates to #2)  My kids stay inside in the worst heat which gives me that alone time without them hanging all over me like they do if I am lounging on the couch and reading.  4.  I just love to be outside.

So I fling out my towel on the newly cut grass that I lovingly slaved over for my man on Friday.  =)  And begin reading below a beautiful blue sky.  As I am basking (and baking) in the glorious ray of the sun, I look up and decide to cloud gaze and had to get the pictures.

So I am laying on my belly and just rotating around (that is the nice way of saying I was rolling around), good thing we have privacy fences because I am sure it was not a pretty sight.

I am taking pictures and notice the clouds are rolling in to spoil my sun and blue sky so I might as well stay out until I am forced inside.

Lazy day, why not stick my foot in the sky and block the sun and snap a picture.  You couldn’t do that on an ordinary, non lazy day!

And then the clouds make it to my back yard.  But these are the cool pictures.

Let me share a story with you before I go. Cause these last few pictures remind me of it.

7 years ago on the 4th of July, my nephew (4 at the time) died of heat stroke.  Cards and flowers and guests began pouring into my sister’s home and we went through each one and gleaned a bit of comfort and love from the words that were sent.  But there was one card that had come with a picture that meant more to my sister than any of the others.  It was simply a picture of the cloudy sky the day Andy had died.  When this friend had heard of Andy’s death that day she went out and captured the sky with the clouds and the sun and enlarged it and sent it to my sister.  In her card she explained that she thought my sister would gain some small amount of comfort from having a picture of the sky the day her son flew to heaven.  My sister has that picture in a very prominent place in her home.

Well a few years later, a friend of mine was struggling with the realization that her daughter was dying of cancer.  I had never forgotten what a comfort my sister had gotten from that picture so over the next several days I went outside and took pictures of the clouds and sun not knowing which day would be her last.  When she did pass away, I got the picture I had taken and enlarged it for her and wrote the same thing in her card.  That I wanted her to have a picture of the sky on the day her daughter flew to heaven.


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