Summer Garden becomes Fall Garden

My bell peppers were late bloomers and therefore are still producing for me.

So besides my 4 pepper plants, I dug everything else up, tilled the raised beds and added 6 huge bags of manure… =)  thought a few of you would love that!

So far my 12 cucumber plants are taking off pretty quick.  I know 12.. what was I thinking.. well I will tell you what I was thinking… I love giving my vegetables away to neighbors and friends cause you can not know what it is like to hand someone a fresh vegetable.. you would have thought I gave them a $10 bill they think it is so precious.. so I will be giving a ton away.

One of my other raised beds is housing Collards, Lettuce, Rutabaga and Turnips.  While my 3rd bed is empty waiting for January when I will plant potatoes cause that will just be fun and who doesn’t like potatoes.

Now I can’t have my camera outside without taking every imaginable picture in every imaginable angle.  Just cause it makes me happy.  It’s green and I love anything green!

And well if I am going to take a picture I got to get my face all up in there cause I love the details!

Now I have said this before but there is a breed of humans who, like me, are experiencing heart palpatations because of the close-ups of these pictures.  Then there are the others, like my husband who just look at me strangly wondering why I waste my time cause who cares.  **raising my hand high***  “I care!”  I love close ups!

I was reading a blog today and if I can figure out where I was I will give credit where it is due and put a link here but in that post he was explaining that there is just something about the details of things that make you slow down and really appreciate what is around you.  Obviously you can do that with panaramic, scenic pictures but very few people take the time to see the details and then fall in love with the creation.  (Just my ramblings so ignore me if you need to!)


2 thoughts on “Summer Garden becomes Fall Garden

  1. Your comment about the reaction from giving a neighbor a vegetable made me smile. A neighbor gave us a tomato last week and we are still talking about what a wonderful gift that was. 🙂 Have fun being creative with all of those cucumbers.

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