I took a little walk… and took my camera along…cause what else would I do

After spending some time in my garden and taking pictures of the new growth happening there I started wandering around my house enjoying the late summer flowers and colors.  I just kept wandering and snapping my camera.  So I am digitally dragging you along to see what I saw.

We have 5 hanging tomato baskets and we are still getting a large crop of tomatoes and I am not one who is going to complain about that one bit.

My basil has been one of my best friends this summer.

Oh but I can’t leave out parsley cause he is chopped and thrown into everything.

Oh basil, I had to come back to you cause you just so pretty.

So we have this tree that is growing over the fence and is hanging over our back deck and it has these “fruits?” growing on them.  My husband walks by and I ask him what it is and he says, “Well I thought we had planted a rhododendron but that isn’t it and I don’t know.”  Ooookay but looks cool.

I planted some marigolds in my garden cause I had heard it keeps away plant eating bugs.

Cody can’t stand to be ignored so **pet, pet, scratch, scratch, snap**. Twix won’t stay still for his picture.  He just stays all up on me and there is no good angle to snap a picture of that.

So we have now made our way out of the backyard and into the front yard.  For Mother’s Day every year my father-in-law buys me 4 ferns to hang around my front porch and I love when Mother’s Day comes around!

Follow me over to our side yard where we have a natural area which to me just yells, “Hey we were tired of planting things we had to take care of so we let this area go.” It’s our natural area.

Now, I can not help but smile at our tree face.  Cause he is just so ridiculous though he wears the perfect hat. He is just really funny over here standing in our natural area.  And yes, I do talk to him when I happen by.

Anytime I find myself near the birdbath, that helps decorate the natural area, I have to tip it so the water drains out cause I will not encourage the mosquito population to thrive cause they come right for me anytime I am outside.  So then you might wonder, why have a birdbath if you won’t keep water in it for the birds.  And I would say that it isn’t for the birds, it is to decorate the natural area and the birds can go to the local pond a few yards away for their daily dip and play.

close-up.. Ahhhhh

And well a natural area can not be complete without an old bench to decorate it.  I sat on this bench once, years ago and felt like things were creeping and crawling all over me and I have not sat down since but it does look good in the natural area.

I am just the kind of person who is always looking up trees.. I lean against them and just gaze up through the branches looking to see if I can see all the way to the top.  That’s just me.

And well my nose is that close so I have to take a close-up.  Details people, everything is in the details.  Nothing would survive without the details.  Okay, I’ll shut it.

Did not even notice this dude until after my face was right there and thank you my dear Lord that he did not jump on my face cause I would have freaked out.  Makes no sense I know… I can handle snakes, pick them up and admire them, then put them down and shoo them away but bugs that hop, run or crawl and I am a freaking basket case.

Look at those beady little eyes.  They were watching me the whole time and I knew I needed just a couple more pictues just in case the previous ones turned out fuzzy but I just knew he wasn’t going to let me keep snapping away.

So one last one and I am out of here I promise.  (He stayed put thank goodness!)

Hand over heart.. that was just too perty not to take a picture of…

And then I just had to see about putting the sun behind it and well… Ahhhhh

Rust is just one of those things I love taking pictures of..  No explanation just the facts.

So now that I have led you around my yard and pointed out all the details, it is your turn.  Take a tour of your yard and capture the details!  Enjoy!


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