Dinner Tonight

Question first….

At you home, what do you call the meal you eat in the evenings?

DINNER     or    SUPPER?

Now I grew up calling it Dinner and my husband grew up calling it Supper.  Is this a Southern thing?   a  Country thing?

I grew up in the Air Force and so I have lived throughout the United States and we called it Dinner.

My husband was born in Louisiana and raised in South Carolina and has always called it Supper.

A while back we watched an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” where Opie comes home from spending the day with a “rich” friend and explains to Andy and Aunt Bee that they call it Dinner cause they are rich people.

So excuse my ramblings for I am sure there is no definate answer to the origin of the two names so let me just tell you what we had for dinner tonight cause it was good.

Last weekend I was watching Food Network and caught Jamie Deen’s cooking show and immediately rushed to my computer and printed out the recipe.

BUTTERFLIED CHICKEN WITH ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLES AND PAN GRAVY   <——-  click there for the link to the recipe

Now since I feed a family of 7,  5 of which are men or boys I had to make a double portion.

Never before have I seen a chicken cooked this way.  A whole bird with the backbone removed and flattened out and cooked that way.  Pretty cool.

The pan gravy was rich and so flavorful!  Yummy!


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