Tae Kwan Do – or something that should have resembled it

The other week, I had my nephew over to play with my boys for a few hours just to mix up the end of summer bordom that had settled into our home.  I was somewhere in the house when I began to hear a shout that reminded me of a karate master’s sound which was then echoed by 4 voices.  “HA” (I know you can hear that “word” in your head.)

So anyway, I grab my camera and head up to the boy’s room to take some pictures of what I already know to be a Tae Kwan Do session in the works.

So my nephew has been taking Tae Kwon Do for a number of years and has just advanced to an impressive belt that I can’t remember cause I don’t know the order but anyhoo, he was the teacher in this little upstairs Dojo.

Not sure why the shirts came off but it seems that anytime my boys do something very manly, they like to take their shirts off.  Makes them feel manlier maybe.  Not sure.

Take a look at that fierce face.  He was going for scary attacker when his sweet face only ever reveals to me loving boy!

Not quite sure what he was trying to achieve here but he knew his body needed to contort some way to be a true fighter.  Good try dude!

And don’t think for a minute that my niece was not all up in this fun.  She was in there throwing punches and kicks like a cutie little black belt!

Funny side note… before coming upstairs with the camera, I heard the boys tell her that she needed to leave her shirt on for the practice cause that was only what boys do.  Bless her!


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