Last Chance Fishing

So today was the first day of school and oh how the summer has flown by!

So a couple of weeks ago, Lucas took each of the kids out for their last fishing trip before football set in and he was gone for awhile.

Big Man loves these times with his dad and if any of the other 3 turn down their chance, he jumps in to take their place.

The Princess says she doesn’t like going but while she is there she has a great time and usually snags the most fish.  We decided not to give her a choice cause she would choose to be a hermit here at home.

Little Man is proud of anything he can get!

Our Middle Man likes to watch his daddy fish and then he likes to be the one to take the fish off the hook and get his picture taken with it.

He thinks this is way too boring to sit and wait.  He would rather cheer on his daddy while watching.


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