Couples, Pinterest, and Laughter

One day Lucas and I are loners.

Rarely leaving our home to do much of anything other than with our kids.  We definatly do not get together with other couples to just hang out and enjoy other couples.  Then the next day we are at the beginning of a tradition where we are meeting up with other couples, eating, playing games and laughing our tails off.

This all started one Sunday night when Lucas and I took a trip to Sweet Frog for an incredible frozen yogurt experience.  We ran into some friends from church.

They are having a Sweet Frog treat with another couple they had recently met.

An hour later we had plans for dinner at our home for later that week.

That was a few months ago and our dinner with these friends has morphed into a hilarious time.  The days leading up to our get-together are filled with texting and facebooking about Pinterest recipes and plans for the night.

We each bring a few fingerfoods and desserts to share and these things are incredible!  I believe I will start giving a trophy to the best dish this next month cause these girls are really stepping up and preparing some to-die-for dishes!

So here is our cast of characters!

(sorry about the quality of photos…  preteen with a damaged camara will not get good results!)

The girls killed me because my specific instructions for the night was casual cause we are just having fun together and chilling out.  Then the camera comes out and they are not liking my premade plans at all!  I like casual.. I live casual.. Casual is my middle name!

This is Zander and he better be here this week!!!  Amy and Ronnie are way, way, way anxious to have the little dude in the world!

I love when my friends are pregnant, that way I can live my unfulfilled dreams of more children!


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