Girls Weekend in Florida

For the past 10 years or so, all the girls on one side of my family get together around the end of July for a long weekend in Florida with my Granny.  We go down there to love on her, celebrate her birthday, play cards, EAT, and well we do make it to the beach everyday.  We gather from all over the US (Portland, DC, Cincinnatti, Charlotte, Birmingham) and converge on her and have the  most wonderful time.

Disclaimer:  We have come from the beach to eat at Granny’s favorite restaurant where we take her for her birthday every year which would be the reason for the sweaty sad appearances of 3 of us.

We spend quite a bit of time just laying on the beach reading and talking, catching up on our lives without the distraction of husbands and children.  I can not tell you how rejuvinating this weekend always is for me!

I live only 3 hours from the SC beaches and have enjoyed vacationing there but this is where I grew up vacationing; The Gulf Coast.  There is nothing like the white, soft sand.  Every time I am here I have to take a piece home with me, it just makes me happy.

Something comes over women when they are away from their husbands and children.  They become giggly teenagers.  We laughed and when there was nothing to laugh about, we laughed harder.

Me and my sister-in-law, Christy on the pier at sunset.  I am sure we found that hilarious which explains the laughing faces.

I have been coming to this beach for 38 years and I have never walked out on the pier.  I guess my family always thought $2 a bit much to spend walking the length and smelling the fish bait but I have to say, this was a lot of fun and will become a tradition from here on out.

Egrets were posted on every light above us waiting for their opportunity to steal a fish or some bait.  They were like these sentinels looking almost like statues until food was in site and then they would drop down and fight over something.  We squealed a few times and then laughed our heads off at the site of them.. and well.. us.

I was trying to siddle up to this egret but he would have none of it.  Every sidestep I took toward him he would take just one away.  I turned it into a dance with him and then ..well.. laughed.

I got really lightheaded taking this picture of myself but the water below me is absolutely beautiful.  My lightheadedness turned into a fit of laughter.

This is one of the reasons we walked out here, just to see the sunset.  Though the clouds were in the way, the colors were there.

and there..

Good memories and already making plans for next year!  Love you girls so much!


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