The Week of July 4th

I flew out of Charlotte, NC to Birmingham, AL to spend 2 days with a wonderful friend, Jan and attend my 20th high school reunion.

Jan lives with her family in Tuscaloosa, AL (devastated by tornadoes last year) and who is the epitome of a gracious hostess.  I am trying to talk her into opening her home as a B&B.  It is REALLY that lovely!

I have to say that a bed that is turned down for you when you arrive is better than a welcome sign!

While I am catching up with Jan, Luke hooked up the camper and hauled our 4 kids up to Amelia, Ohio for their week long summer camp with my sister.

The temperature was outrageously high throughout the south, topping out in the 100s so we feasted on “Summer Snow”.  The most delicious shaved ice I have ever had!

We also were able to take a tour of Bryant Denny Stadium on the Univesity of Alabama’s campus.  (I am a lifelong  Auburn fan but was able to appreciate the wealth of UofA.)

We then take off for our 20th high school reunion where we have a blast remembering some good years.

Jan drops me off at my brother and sister-in-law’s home (Chuck and Christy) where I spend the night before flying out the next morning to meet up with Luke in Ohio.  I awake Sunday morning to pancakes, bacon and coffee.  What an incredible way to be risen from bed!  Chuck drives me to the airport where my dad and his wife are waiting to take me to lunch before my flight takes off at 2 pm.

I arrive in Cincinnatti, Ohio around 11 pm that night after a 2 hour delay in Birmingham, a 2 hour layover in Atlanta and then a 1 hour delay on the tarmac before we are allowed in the air.  After a day spent in airports or on airplanes, my knight in shining armor, or more like a shiny, waxed Black F150 is there to sweep me away from the long and lonely day and escort me to our camper where we spent 4 glorious days ALONE camping in Ohio’s Ceasar Creek State Park while the kids were at summer camp with my sister.

The 4 days consisted of sleeping, reading, hiking, photography, and …well… other things.

Friday arrives and we travel an hour to Fort Hill Christian Camp where our adorable brood had been living it up all week with my sister and nephew.

We pack them and their loads of dirty laundry up Saturday morning and make an 8 hour drive back home to Rock Hill, SC where I spent the last 48 hours doing their demon piles of laundry.

Oh, but I am home and we are all together again after a relaxing, rejuvinating and refreshing break from real life!


One thought on “The Week of July 4th

  1. I think it hilarious that Judah looks so sweet and calm in his picture. i dont’ think we saw him that “still” all week!!

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