The Cucumbers have arrived!

We have had a few thunderstorms here over the last few days.  Just those ones that come and go but pour out the water.  I was out in the garden 3 days ago and picked everything that was ready and noticed some cucumbers that would be ready soon and left them to continue growing.  The rain has kept me from having to water the garden and so I ventured out this evening to take a look at the progress of things and was a little amazed at the quantity of cucumbers ready for harvesting.

Princess worked on the green beans and waxed beans.

Big Man decided to guide me around to all the stuff ready for pickin.

Take a look at what we were able to get today.

Squash are still producing but at a much slower rate.

My first green pepper was able to be picked.

And here is most of the beans Princess was able to get.

Now because we are a family of 7 and not 37, we bagged up the cucumbers (3 to a bag) and went around our neighborhood blessing others with our harvest.  3 of my 4 went with me because they love giving it away as much as I do.  They would grab a bag and race to the next house and ring the bell and explain the gift and rush back to grab another one.  Too much fun!


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