Aunt Louise’s Cucumber Salad

My brother-in-law had a great Aunt Louise who was very dear to him and she had an amazing Cucumber Salad recipe that is very dear to me!  I love my summer salads.  So much so that I eat my summer salads year round.  Here is one that is on our table a few times a month.


3 Cucumbers

2 ribs celery

2 medium tomatoes

1 bell pepper

2 large spoonfuls of mayonaise (more or less depending on how much you love mayo) – start with one spoonful and taste then add as you wish.

1/2 Tablespoon garlic salt

Dill (If I use fresh I get about 8 sprigs and chop up.  If I use dried, I just put a mound in the palm of my hand and sprinkle around.)

Now I halved the recipe because there aren’t many in my family who love this recipe and it doesn’t keep well after one day.  So everything in halves.

Now dice up all your veggies.  Don’t you just love the colors.  I used a yellow bell pepper only because that was the color I had.  Use whatever color is around.

Now because my garden is producing an over abundance of squash.  I added 1/2 of one to this dish.

I peel the first (yellowest) layer off the top of the squash until you are feeling a very moist skin.  Then I diced it up like the other veggies.

Dump this all into a bowl and add your mayo and stir.

Chop up your dill if you are using fresh or add the dry if that is what you got.

Add the garlic salt and dill to the veggies and stir.  Taste here and see if you need more garlic salt.




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