Father’s Day

Each Sunday we get together with Luke’s brother and his family to eat Sunday lunch.  Today was my day to cook and host and  since we are at church all Sunday morning and do not get home until 12:15, our lunch has to be prepped the night before.  Saturday evenings I am usually beginning anything that can be done ahead of time and then scheduling my Sunday morning so everything else is cooked and I am ready to leave for church by 9.

(A little side note) I am an on time person.  Always have been and actually if I am on time, I am really late.  I have to be where I am suppose to be at least 10 minutes early.  All except for Sunday morning.  What is it about getting ready for church and leaving on time?  We need to be pulling out of our driveway at 9:05AM to get to church by 9:15AM.  I don’t remember the last time that happened and it causes some issues between Luke and me because he is always in the van with the kids waiting on me.

Not this morning, I told Luke Saturday night that I would be ready to leave at 9AM and went so far as to get out an index card and plan out my morning so I had plenty of time to cook lunch, get ready for church and do my daughter’s hair.  I had my plan and I was going to stick with it and show Luke and myself that I am still an on time person.

So with it being Father’s Day, I wanted to do a bit more than a Taco Salad or Chicken Casserole.  So I decided on Roast with Vegetables, Rice and Gravy as well as Dinner Rolls.

I get up at 6:15AM ( I only snoozed my clock once!  Yay for me! ) Get downstairs and begin the lunch.  Searing vegetables and the Chuck Roast then throwing it all in a dutch oven with all the liquids and seasonings I want and sticking it in the oven to cook while we are at church.  Lay out the rolls to rise so they will be ready to pop in the oven when we get home.  I also went ahead and measured out the water and rice and set that by the stove to start as soon as I walk in from church.

7:30 – I high tail it upstairs because I added way more veggies than I had initially intended so I am behind schedule by 15 minutes.  This will not deter me from speeding up a few things so I will still be on time like I planned.

8:15 – I am ready for church except for my make-up and call my daughter into my bathroom so I can do her hair.  (I can always do my make-up in the van on the way to church cause I’m not driving.)

8:45 – Her hair is done and she is sent downstairs to wait with her brothers while I get my make-up and jewelry on. I take a moment to call my daddy who lives in Alabama and wish him a Happy Father’s Day and tell him I love him.  Still good on time though so no sweat.

9:00 – I grab my Bible bag and head downstairs.

9:05 – We are pulling out of the driveway!  I did it!  Yay for me!

Lunch was great.  My family is wonderful and we spent the rest of the afternoon laying around watching movies and just being a lazy family.  Great day!

My daughter’s do this morning.  I love playing with her hair.

Luke and our chillins.  He is a good daddy!!!!


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