Fishing with Daddy

Luke and I recently got new phones and so I went through my phone to get off all my pictures and then decided to do the same with Luke’s phone.  What is the purpose of taking pictures with your phone if you aren’t going to share them with me?  Huh, Luke.

When Luke goes fishing he rotates through the kids and takes only one with him at a time.  Great one on one time with daddy. Well and the fact that he would never get his bait in the water if he took more than that.  Our daughter is a great fisherman (or is it correct to say fisherwoman?) and can bait, cast and do all on her own.  She is easy to take out and Luke gets the most fishing accomplished with her along.  Our oldest son gets his line caught in trees the majority of the time cause he just likes to see how far he can cast and Luke spends his time untangling line or explaining the importance of paying attention to what you are doing.  Then there are the two youngest who need help with everything except reeling in which they do the instant it hits the water.  They don’t let the ripples in the water begin before they are hauling their line in and then wondering why there isn’t a fish attatched to the hook.  Luke doesn’t get anytime to fish when they are on board.  But he loves taking them and loves having that time with them away from here doing something that he loves to do.

So here are the pictures I found on Luke’s phone.

Sometimes we are just happy to catch anything!

You will find our oldest in most pictures because when one of the others opts out, he opts in.  He will do anything with his daddy!


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