the garden is producing! the garden is producing!

Okay for you veteran gardeners out there ignore me.  But for you novice gardeners, you remember the excitement of the first vegetables that could finally be picked from your garden.  A little excitement here yesterday.

We planted our tomatoes in Topsy Turvy planters.  We started this last year and had such a great crop of tomatoes that we did it again.  It saves space in the garden for other vegetables and they make beautiful hanging plants on our back deck.  So if you don’t have a garden or want more room in your garden, I HIGHLY recommend Topsy Turvy planters.  I think my father-in-law found them at Big Lots for $1.50.  You can grab them now and a couple of bags of potting soil and have late summer tomatoes.  It’s never too late!  Go! Go! Go!

I will be making Chicken Spaghetti for dinner tomorrow night and I do believe we will be having Fried Green Tomatoes.  I’ll post that recipe and pictures here so if you’ve never had the pleasure of fried green tomatoes, you are missing out.

Well, had to get one of those “just because” shots.



5 thoughts on “the garden is producing! the garden is producing!

    • Thanks Terry. Coming from a “veteran” that means something! We have a bunch of rabbits around this area but our two dogs have made enough fuss over their intrusion that they haven’t touched my garden yet. I will keep praying it stays that way. How have you kept them from devouring the rest of your crops?

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