My best birthday present

11 years ago today my daughter was born.  The afternoon of June 4th, my doctor sent me to the hospital to induce labor because of some complications I was having at the end of my pregnancy.  Contractions began that night and she was born at 5:55am the next morning.

Last night, Luke took her to get frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog, our new favorite sweet place to celebrate her birthday in their way.  Today was my day with her.  For the past few months, the only thing she has been asking for is to get her ear (cartlidge sp?) pierced.  (Well she also wants an IPod Touch but she has to save up for that herself.)

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I let her do this and then there are others who are shocked that I would allow my 11 year old to do something so crazy.  I am who I am and it is what it is.

So here started our day together.  She is very excited but obviously a little nervous.  She wanted to know how bad it would hurt and if I was going to get it done with her.  (I had let my piercings heal over years ago and told her I might get mine redone with her.)

The moment before.

The smile after.

Now on to get our pedicures.

Our beautiful toes!  (She took a friend with us – the neon yellow toes.)

Good day!  Oh and I did get mine done too just not pictured.  =)


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