Up close and personal

I like to take pictures.  Yes, ones of my family together, kids playing or beautiful beaches.  But I really like to take pictures.  I have found that the type of pictures that I love to take are up close and personal.  I like to get in your face and get right up in the business and get shots that show details like you have squirmed your way right in the middle of the mess.  So one evening I grabbed the 2 girls and left the 4 boys to torture Angie at the condo and we took a walk over to the beach.  While they wrote in the sand and looked for beach treasures I began snapping.  A passerbyer would wonder what in the world that lady over there is doing because my pictures are gotten down on the ground, camera and face to the sand, butt usually up in the air and snapping away.  That is really the only way to get the pictures.  You can’t take a good close up standing 3 feet away and just zoom in.  Your body has to do the zooming.

So take a look at one of my passions.

This first series of pictures is all taken from the first place I plopped myself down in.  I sat, kneeled, squatted and layed down in this area and just started taking pictures from different angles, capturing everything around me.

My nose is practically touching this plant and the color is so intense.

I really like to play with the position of the sun.  It makes the things around look so interesting.

This next series of pictures centered around this “something” that was washed onto the beach with the high tide and left there to await the next high tide to take it back out to sea again.

Now I know there are some of you out there who are just like me and this is the coolest thing ever.  I love the spiny details and the bulbs or seed things.. it is just so cool.  And yes, my nose and face were just an inch or so from this and I was inhaling all its salty scent.  And yes, a few people did walk by and see my big bootie up in the air and were probably wondering what in the world I thought was so interesting about an ocean weed.

On to the next series which focuses on the fences that were built to help build back up the sand dunes along the beach.

I like rust and nails.  Raise your hand if you like rust and nails too.  Okay so there aren’t as many as I had thought but if you ever visit my pinterest page, I have a whole board devoted to this type of photography.

When you get this close to an object, the details in that object that make it so interesting from afar are captured.  These are the details that make up what we see as beautiful around us.  I like to analyze things.

This picture was just something a wave washed up to my feet so I thought to start capturing it but by the time I got down for the second picture another wave came and took it away.  Oh well, wasn’t meant to be.

I then just turned to get some of the beach with the sun in the picture.

I set my camera down and took this picture not knowing I had it focused like it was but the picture is way cool.

So for those of you who like this kind of thing..well… me too!  For those of you who don’t..well… I still do!



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