The money from my yard sale – $75

So I had the yard sale (that I keep reminding myself to never have again).  I made $75 and closed it down at 9:30am.  Luke took off the unsold items to Goodwill and I proceeded to the back yard to check on my garden and mother it a bit before closeting myself in my room for the remainder of the day and sleep.

I guess this just wasn’t my day.

My dogs, 2 large breed dogs, weighing a total of 150 lbs together had wiggled their way through my flimsey fence and tore up a portion of my garden.  I am not a violent person and I do not ever kick, hit or throw my dogs.  And even though I never do those things, they knew I was fuming at them.  Daggers like lightening bolts were shooting from my eyes.  Smoke and sparks were billowing from my ears.  I am sure my hair was standing on end.  They are smart dogs.  They cowered and hid.

Taking a few calming breaths and then about 100 more, I assessed the situation and began repairs on my trampled plants.  As I am tending to the damage, Luke wanders into the back yard and takes in the scene and lets me vent.  I have a wonderful husband who understand my frustrations and knows the things that I care about and is kind enough to allow me to blow off steam in his presence without becoming defensive over it.

I ranted and raved and he calmly said that we can get rid of the dogs.  I roll my eyes as I have done since I was a teenager and calmed down.  I love my dogs, I don’t want to get rid of them.  They annoy me, they cost a ton of money to feed, they like to dig and they have stinky breath but I love my dogs.  So the wind was let out of my sails and I floated back to earth and Luke asked me what I needed to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We had already discussed building a fence and gate to contain my garden so with my new $75 and some more money I had stashed in my underwear drawer (not really) he made a list of the supplies he needed and headed to Home Depot to get started on this project.

I have a good husband.. have I said that before?  I am not sure if he had other plans for himself that Saturday but I would have never known it because he had a project that he knew was important to me and he jumped right in.  He worked non stop on it for 2 days, had to take the week off because of his hectic schedule at school, teaching and coaching and then picked it back up on Friday and got it finished.  I have a good husband.

Here is my new fence and protected garden.



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