He gets a lunch box too!

With 3 of my 4 kids in school, my youngest is left behind and is feeling the abandonment.  He plays well alone but I can tell he misses his brothers and sister because when they come home he is all over them asking questions and talking a mile a minute.  So a few weeks back, I decided to help him feel like a part of the school bunch and packed him a lunch box as I did the others.  You never understand the importance of the small things until you actually do them.

Ummm…ignore the jammies.  We live in a very relaxed home!  His daddy would question my letting him hang out all day in his jammies but I say, why not.  They are comfy and it is just me and him hanging around.  I do dress him before we head out the door in case you were fretting like Luke.  =)

When I tell him that it is lunch time, he rushes down stairs and pulls open the frig door and grabs his lunch box.  He lays everything out in front of him oohing and ahhing over the assortment of food that he gets to dine on.  He will often ask me if his brothers and sister are eating the same thing at their school.  He loves being incuded.



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