My new passion…

I began my first garden.  Yes sirree bob, I am a suburban farmer.

Now, I’ve worked in my share of gardens before but this is the first that I have been fully and solely responsible for. It’s kind of my little baby right now. I tilled the ground, all by my little ol’ self. Let me tell you that was a very jarring experience and my toes stayed curled for a few days after from the fright they encountered being so near large rotating blades.
I then made my first solo trip to Home Depot to buy and have cut 12 foot 2×4 boards. I then had them loaded into Lucas’s big ol truck and brought them home. I got out a power drill and proceeded to make the boxes that my raised garden would be contained in. I then found a circular saw in the shop and cut my stakes that would hold the boxes in place. I placed the boxes where they would be aesthetically pleasing (did I spell that right). I then began digging out around the boxes and dumping that dirt into the boxes so they were filled. I then poured in the garden soil and mixed it up with my sandy, rocky dirt that couldn’t grow a weed, praying that this soil was going to be miracle soil. I then spent the next couple of hours hand sifting the soil and pulling out any rocks that I came across which happened to be a great many which filled the kid’s red wagon.

Then I sent Lucas on an errand to buy 5 bales of pine needles and lovingly scattered that over the walkway that I had dug up around the boxes nicely covering the mud hole that formed from the torrential rain the night before.   I then planted the vegetables that I had bought while at Home Depot and buried the seeds of the veggies that I couldn’t find seedlings for. What if those seeds don’t do what they are suppose to do? Is there an expiration date for seeds? Well, besides the love and care I intend to give them, I will just have to pray over them. After planting what I had,  I scoured the crawl space under our house knowing we had bales of straw under there left over from the Christmas light show.   With the end in site, I proceeded to scatter that around my plants to give them a lovely blanket and keep the dirt from running away since I did all this on a slight incline. I am also hoping the straw will keep weeds away. We’ll see.

 Lucas then helped me put up the little garden fence and presto…a garden is born.  I think I might put a cute little fence instead of my plastic one because that plastic is not deterring the dogs from sniffing around my produce.

Anyway, here is a picture of the finished project.

Now, as with all my passions, I become a little maniacal.  This is my project and as such I won’t allow anyone else to tend it.  I want to be there at each birth and growth and especially at harvest time.  I want to be amazed at the way nature just does what it should but only because of the loving, gentle care that I give it each morning, afternoon and evening.  Yes, I mentioned maniacal.  So I am out watering my baby this morning after my walk along River Walk when I caught a glimpse of green shooting up from the soil.  After growling at the dogs to get away from my garden and then spaying them for extra measure, I began to investigate.

Oooh, Aaahhh!  Oh my goodness!

How precious!  Can’t you already taste those beans?

Ummmm.. okay so I’m not sure if this is something I planted or the beginning of a weed.  I will keep it until it makes itself known and then if it is a weed, it will be plucked, crushed and tossed out of my garden!

And now….  After only 2 days, the extra green that is sprouting up just makes me so proud!

Thanks for letting me share the joys of my week with you!



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