Baseball player

Our baseball games started last weekend and like all the other sports, my oldest son can think of nothing else.  He was the same way during soccer season, then baseketball, now baseball and in a few months, football.  He can become a focused dude and being a mama of an athletic boy, I have to step up and encourage, support, or practice right along with him.  I’m not saying I’m a whimp or a girly girl.  Far from it.  I played sports growing up and could kick, hit, throw and run with the best of them but that was….um…. a few years ago!  The last time I played on a sports team was between my first and second born in 2002 and that was church league softball.  I do coach a few of my kid’s teams but that is alot of encouraging intermixed with little demonstrations where needed.  Anyway, the times I have practiced with my son, I more often than not come away hurt or sore.  The last accident was during basketball season and he elbowed me in the nose.  I got a bloody nose!  I have not had a bloody nose in …. forever!  Then the time before that he hit a ball and it smacked me right between the eyes.  So needless to say, when he asked me to grab a baseball glove to TOSS with him in the front yard today, I was a little scared.

Notice the intense concentration on his face before he throws.  I almost cowered before that first throw and just asked him to pull back from his 100% and just give me 75% for a bit while I warmed up my throwing hand.  He really doesn’t understand what 75% means.  He plays sports at 100% or he doesn’t play.  Can’t fault him for that and he can’t help that his mama is scared to death to be his catcher.

He loves playing the pitcher and after his throws, explaining to me what the pitch was and how he did it.  I don’t get it.  You move your fingers around the seams and it magically moves like you want it to.  He wants to teach me but I don’t have a desire to learn.  I was an outfielder; strong arm, fast run and loud voice to encourage my teamates!

He does have the concentration and serious stare down pat.

This is black and white but in living color, he has my eyes.  The only one of our children that got my color eyes.  The other three have blue eyes just like their daddy but this one got my hazel.  I love looking into his eyes and seeing mine.  That is a pretty cool thing!

So Big Dude and I were out tossing the ball around for about 20 minutes when the youngest of the bunch heard the fun and had to get in on the action too.  He is the other athletic one and will not be outdone!

See the finger out of the glove.  I never could do that but according to my boys, that is the way it is done.  Good to know.

He is still working on his skills but he does show some natural athletic ability like Big Dude.  They get that from me, no matter what their daddy says.  J/K

Notice the choice of shoe.  He would be outside barefoot like his mama if his daddy didn’t always preach that shoes must be on feet when one is outside.  I never got that lesson growing up and still do not wear shoes if at all possible and if I have to put some on, I put on as little as possible.  Flip flops is my style.

Ain’t he a looker!  Keeps asking me when that tooth will come in.  Have no idea dude since it came out 2 years before it should have!  That’s another story and not all that interesting.

I love kid’s with freckles.  Just makes them look healthy and completely adorable!


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