Introductions, please…

This blog began as an outlet for me to prove to myself that I was capable of accomplishing more in my days than what I had settled for.  My life had become a daily routine of raising our 4 children and keeping our home running.   Months and then years passed and I felt that the little I had accomplished was all that I could use to define myself.  I know the things I have done are important but they weren’t enough.  I wasn’t giving myself a chance to pursue things that made me feel capable and talented.    I still have a daiy routine of raising our kids and keeping our home running smoothly but I am also consciously making sure that I balance that part of my life with the things that bring me joy and pride.

Cooking and Photography are my passions and I get thrills pursuing those two things.  I love simple southern food and making plenty to share with others.  I photograph everything from food to old rusty nails and fluffy clouds.  I never leave home without my camera for fear that I will see a photographic moment that I will regret not capturing.  I find myself pulled over to the side of a road, photographing whatever has caught my eye.






4 thoughts on “Introductions, please…

  1. I think it would be fun to go on a road trip with you. If I was the only one travelling, I would spend more time by the roadside photographing, than actually getting anywhere lol. You have a beautiful family and such passion too – I look forward to reading your posts too. Thanks for stopping by and following, I love your blog title. It’s challenging and inspiring!

    • Wow! Thank you! I find that I do have to leave the house a bit earlier than I plan cause I KNOW I will be pulling over somewhere to take pictures. I think my kids are used to it though there is still an audible sigh when I slow down and turn on my blinker. Thanks again for the sweet words!

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